Shenhua Decision - Devious Coalition Politicians Abandon Liverpool Plains Farming Communities

Shenhua Decision - Devious Coalition Politicians Abandon Liverpool Plains Farming Communities

Independent Candidate for the Electorate of Tamworth, Mark Rodda, has said that without knowing the potential harmful impacts to groundwater aquifers, moments from an election and without critical scientific information, the NSW Liberal and National Coalition, acting as the consent authority, has issued a preliminary “building approval” for the Shenhua mine at Breeza.

“This decision in time may be proven to be as rushed and reckless as the Opal building approval in Western Sydney that comes crashing down. It is an act of bastardry on the farming communities of Breeza, Watermark and Nea looking for some confidence in their futures and particularly without addressing their concerns about harmful impacts to groundwater aquifers”, Rodda said.

“The fact that a mining applicant doesn’t have to demonstrate to the NSW people that their extractive industry won’t damage groundwater streams created over millions of years is alarming.”

“That the NSW Government made a rash decision moments before Christmas 2018 and the March 2019 election shows that there is little transparency to the decisions made by this State Government that is facing a crucial test of its support in March,” Rodda said.

“This is poor strategic decision making at its worst. Where are the advocates for our farming communities? We saw National Party MP’s at State and Federal level crying crocodile tears for our farmers around our region over the impact of the drought back in July 2018, yet when they are presented with a mining proposal in conflict with farming they have abandoned community advocacy and our farmers. Where is our local MP in all this, evidently impotent and you wonder what they stand for,” Rodda said.

“I call on the NSW Coalition to instead clear the air and negotiate an exploration license buyback with Shenhua because the risks of harm to groundwater aquifers, black soil farmland, and the environment are just too great”, Rodda concluded.

For further information please contact Mark Rodda on 0448 750 302.

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