Open Letter to Mick McKenna Partner Luka Group Dubbo

Open Letter to Mick McKenna Partner Luka Group Dubbo

20th February 2019                                                                                

Attn Mick McKenna | Partner, Luka Group

Open Letter to Mick McKenna Partner Luka Group Dubbo
Campaign Manager/Secretary Andrew Schier – Nationals candidate for Barwon

Dear Mick,

I wanted to raise with you and your team from the Luka Group the issue of whether Mr Schier, whose campaign you are advising, is getting the best advice on his campaign strategy.

We have invited Mr Schier three times to Community Forums, one in Gilgandra (he went to the races), one in Narrabri (where he was only hours earlier) and one in Coonabarabran (horse show) but he has dodged all of them. It looks like Schier is getting bad advice from his campaign management team with respect to the Community Forums for Barwon candidates.

The very strong perception in the Barwon electorate (from hundreds of voters and Social Media comments) is that Schier is hiding from voters and scared to face them. It is also making Schier look like he is lacking in intestinal fortitude and does not have the “ticker” to be a strong representative.

As you well know, Dugald Saunders (Dubbo) and McKenna Powell (Wagga) both of whom are Nationals - have attended our Community Forums. I note the quote below from Wes Fang with respect to McKenna’s attendance at our recent Wagga Forum, where whilst being short on policy detail - McKenna was very articulate and fought her corner strongly.

In addition, the people of Pilliga, Coonamble, Narrabri (and even Gilgandra where Schier lives) who oppose the CSG plans have communicated to ABN that Schier will not meet with them to discuss their concerns about CSG despite having accepted a VIP tour from Santos of the CSG project site. He is only listening to one side – the big money side. Also, the holiday in Fiji at the height of the Darling River disaster wasn’t viewed favourably by voters.

The Business Purchase Analogy

If a Luka Group Partner was advising someone on the purchase of a business, I’m sure the Partner would insist on reviewing all of the relevant documents, financial history, etc. Equally, if the Vendor was refusing to provide financials or prior year tax returns, this would raise an instant red flag. This would beg the question – what is the Vendor trying to hide?

So in Schier’s case – why are you trying to hide him from the voters of Barwon, why won't Schier engage with his fellow candidates in a Community Forum? What is he afraid of?

If Schier won’t meet with the people of Barwon BEFORE an election, how can the voters of Barwon have any confidence he has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the City Centric Liberals AFTER the election.

Based on his failure to front the community to date, people would be entirely justified in having no confidence in him as their representative.

People are rightly demanding that candidates front up and answer the hard questions from their potential constituents. Now that Andrew has his media training, it is the perfect time to let him make the case for his election as the member for Barwon.

We invite Mr Schier to our next Community Forum in Coonamble on Wednesday the 6th of March at 6 PM.

Yours sincerely,
Charles Tym 
Anyone but Nats


Anyone But Nats Community Forum - Wagga Wagga, February 14th

Candidates in attendance: Joe McGirr (MP), Colin  Taggart (IND), McKenna Powell (Nationals), Dan Hayes (Labor), Ray Goodlass (Greens)

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