Liberal-National Sydney Stadium Splurge

Liberal-National Sydney Stadium Splurge

The NSW Sports Minister Stuart Ayres has announced that the NSW Government will knock down the 30-year-old Sydney Allianz stadium and rebuild it at a cost to the NSW taxpayer of over $730 million dollars. This from a Government which claims to be fiscally responsible.

Independent candidate Mark Rodda said that “If any voter within the Electorate of Tamworth was in any doubt about the reasons for the delayed delivery of infrastructure projects such as Banksia Acute Mental Health facility, the construction of Gunnedah’s new second overpass, a new reliable water supply for Walcha, or the upgrade of Goonoo Goonoo, Rangari or Werris Creek Roads, the lack of additional nursing staff at Manilla and elsewhere or why we don’t have the extra 25 police officers in our region keeping our communities safe, then here is unequivocal proof why.”

“This is a misdirected priority of the NSW Government putting a grossly expensive, unnecessary and wasteful project ahead of interests of the people of rural NSW”, Rodda said.

“When Mr Anderson’s Government privatised electricity infrastructure in the last three years, rural NSW was to see a $6 billion privatisation bounty equating to approximately $214 million per electorate, if fairly distributed to rural and coastal regional electorates. Our electorate or Barwon and Upper Hunter wouldn’t have seen anything near that amount since the sale of electricity assets,” Rodda said.

Mark Rodda

“This Government has made an empty promise to this and other rural electorates to deliver infrastructure from the Restart NSW fund and yet what mostly has been delivered has been record high energy bills and hot air. How is this fair to the people of this electorate and others that they miss out or have to wait for lengthy delays because the party ruling rural, regional and remote NSW won’t do its job and stand up for the people of our region,” Rodda said.

“What this electorate needs is an MP that will go into bat for the people on issues such as this, to ensure that our Electorate gets its fair share. If you look at the last budget delivered earlier this year this electorate appeared to see just $30 million while next door in Northern Tablelands the people up there have seen four times that. Rural people are quite reasonable but this disparity is just neglect, taking this electorate for granted because it is perceived to be a safe seat, it's just not good enough”, Rodda said.

For further information please contact Mark Rodda on 0448 750 302.

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