Anti-Nat campaigners raided: What a surprise!

Anti-Nat campaigners raided: What a surprise!

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Thursday, December 13 2018

Anti-Nat campaigners raided: What a surprise!

NSW State Electoral Commission officers have raided the Mudgee home office of AnyoneButNats on the back of ‘unspecified’ complaints made by ‘unspecified complainants’.

That is, the Electoral Commission has acted on request from undisclosed person(s) whose interests appear to coincide with those of the Nats, who are under growing threat from a community that is enraged sufficiently to change the way they vote on March 23 next year, tipping some of the Nats out of office in the process.

Anyone But Nats has determined the best way to deal with harassment is to up the ante. As a result of the Electoral Commission intervention, AnyoneButNats has resolved to extend our campaign to federal elections electorates in the new-year, targeting regional and rural seats, in particular Barnaby Joyce’s seat of New England.

The audacious raid-like intervention in legitimate election activity conducted by AnyoneButNats was conducted on the morning of Thursday, December 6.

Notice was given by the Commission in advance of the intended meeting. This action followed an earlier inquiry by phone from the Commission to the public officer of Anyone But Nats even when that phone inquiry found no evidence or existence of improper record keeping.

There was no reason provided as to why there's a need for the personal visit by 2 Commission officers to the home office of AnyoneButNats. Photographic evidence of all pre-election period donations (up to October 1) and election period donations was taken, together with copies of AnyoneButNats bank statements for the period.

With the NSW election still 15 weeks away, AnyoneButNats believes this intervention in normal and legal election activity amounts to an attack on democracy under the guise of due process.

Anyone But Nats is a properly registered third-party organisation operating within the NSW electoral laws.

Anyon eBut Nats is also aware of declared candidates in the 2019 NSW election being investigated by Electoral Commission officers at the behest of NSW parliament lower house members, and this follows patterns seen in other states in both federal and state elections where government agencies seem to be doing the bidding of out-of-favour incumbents.

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